Hey hey m8s! I'm Phil/Pheo, or ya can call me Maple! Pfp arts are by milfbossspmp 'an wolfythewitch on tumblr!

Blinkey/eye strain/flashing images warning!!! stay safe folks

uhh so ayup! :D, this is a personal blog/about me sorta thing i'm making for fun, and to practise coding! I have genuinely no idea what I am doing, go easy on me, haha
-otherkin +/fickin
-and in general a very silly little lad ^^

Genderfluid, gender is so silly! Consider me the man girl boy demon pink punk lace neon. ^^
What shall be within this site, you may wonder? What a lovely question!
I currently plan on having several pages, one for my xenogender collection, one for information on my kins + otherkins, maybe blog postin and stuff, + more??? I do not quite know what to do, haha.
mrrrp! flowers for u!!